In my 20s when I was working at a language school, there was a group of teachers who would complain about the school system, the headmaster and the students on a daily basis. They hate work! As much as it was frustrating to them, it was also frustrating to me. The days of complaining turned into weeks until I could no longer take it. I ate lunch on my own in my classroom instead.

Sure, the school was imperfect but it was the school I worked for, the school that provided for my needs, the school that paid my bills! If they didn’t like the school, they should resign and find another place to work for instead of infesting the minds of other people with their chronic negativity.

Are you one of them? You so hate your work, your boss, your officemate, the traffic you go thru every morning and everything else related to your work.. Well, I got a word of advice for you.

If you do not like where you are, MOVE! You are not a tree!

I know I could sometimes be mean like that but even the Bible says we should stop complaining.

Do everything without complaining or arguing…
Philippians 2:14

So what to do if you uber hate your work? I have 3 options for you.

Option 1: Stay where you are and stay miserable. And dishonor God in the process by complaining non stop.

OPTION 2: Stay where you are and be more positive. God has appointed you to be where are at the right place at the right time for a purpose. Ask God what He is teaching you and whatever it is, learn it fast so you can move forward.

OPTION 3: Find your spot somewhere else. If after praying, you are certain that this burning desire to MOVE is from God, then pray for courage and direction. Step out in faith and follow God’s leading. Do the things He called you for. Use the gifts He blessed you with.

Life is too short to live in misery and complaints!
Time to have a more Fulfilled Life!

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