Work-at-home-moms are growing by the year! Many moms are already choosing to have the best of both worlds: stay home with the kids and earn at the same time. Why not right? That is why I am thankful for workshops like this: SEO for WAHMs by Manila Workshops where they help moms level up their skills in SEO to be able to take on more jobs and ehem get paid more.

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If you have been in the online world for a while you know that SEO is an integral part of any business or blog! But many of us shy away from it because it doesn’t seem like a normal person would be able to understand. I know what you mean and I’m totally with you on that.Or wait, maybe it’s just me. I don’t really know. Haha..

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about making improvements to your website, so that search engines like Google have an easier time finding it which in turn will help you gain traffic.

In this modernized world we live in where almost all of the brands and companies have their own website, only few can really understand how they can maximize the use of internet for their business.

That is why a lot of them, local and international companies hire a virtual assistant who is knowledgeable in doing Search Engine Optimization. With this comes great opportunity for those who wants to work at home.

I am super elated that these two gurus in the field of SEO, Jane Maghanoy and Romela Ortega, will be with us in this workshop. They talk, we listen. They have years and years of experience up their sleeves and they will uncover those secrets they have learned all those years.

If you are ready to be an SEO WAHM Expert yourself, then do not miss this workshop and join other moms!! =)

Now here’s the super fun part. You get P100 off its registration fee when you use this code: SEOVB300.

You are welcome! =)


  • Why SEO for WAHMs
  • SEO type of jobs you can start at home (ex. Upwork opportunities)
  • Keyword Research
  • Content/Blog Optimization
  • Link building & Outreach
  • Tips on how to balance your SEO career and your role at home

Learning Rates:
Regular Rate: P3,500
Bring-a-Buddy Rate: P6,000

See you there, Mommas!

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