There is only one subject I liked in school since I was a kid. ENGLISH. I was ok with Math. I disliked Science and History. But English? I would ace all my homework and exams. Needless to say, when it was time for me to decide which course to take, I geared towards a course that has lots of English subjects. And because I like media as well, I ended up in Communication Arts and I wouldn’t trade that for the world! I had the most amazing experiences in college because of my course but that will be for another post, Mommas. =)

Anyway, a year into the corporate world (I started as a Health Speaker), I stumbled upon teaching as a career. I started out as a part time English teacher and eventually fell in love with it and stayed in it for the next 8 years! That is why when I was offered to do a workshop that will help moms get started in their career as an Online English Teacher, boy was I excited!! I loved my time as a teacher and would still go back any day if I had the chance (and time! haha).

And with that, I’d like to invite you, Mommas (and Dads you are welcome too), to join me in my 2nd workshop with Mamacademy PH. I will walk you thru how you can be a Superstar English Teacher and give you solid tips on how you can rock the WAHM world.

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Have you been desiring to work from home, stay home longer with your kids and family, be with them and not miss out on important milestones in their life, or perhaps skip the hassle of traffic and long lines taking the public transportation, and just make the most of your time better? If you are, then this workshop fits right for you.

With the rise of Work-at-Home Moms presently, it is no wonder that a lot of our fellow moms (and even dads) are exploring the idea of working at home for varied reasons. So if you are a Mom, a Dad, or just anyone who is —

1. Exploring alternative income sources / career.
2. Considering jumping from corporate work to a work-at-home career.
3. Considering a career in Online Teaching
4. Desiring to pursue application and a teaching career with an established Online Teaching company in the Philippines.

Then, sign up now and don’t let this another learning opportunity slip off!

The following topics will be discussed in this workshop:

1. Introduction to ESL
2. Online Teaching as a career for Moms / Dads / anyone interested
3. Online Teaching 101 (Acquiring the Basic Skills)
4. Steps to Becoming a Superstar Online English Teacher
5. Life as WAHM / English Online Teacher
6. Successful stories of WAHM / English Online Teacher and many more..

See you there!!

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