I am sure there are more than two characteristics of successful people but what I am sharing with you is going to be the foundation of your success.

First is Faith. You need to have faith that what God started in you, He will bring about into completion. The bible defines faith as “being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it.” When you start a business, you are never sure if this will pull thru the way you want it. But you did register that to BIR in the hopes that it “will” eventually take off and be successful. Faith brought you to that big decision to operate and not just allow the business idea to linger in your brain. Successful people should have faith.

However, faith is not enough. You need to be patient. And that’s the 2nd characteristic. Be patiently waiting for your business or career to bloom. Some people quit soon enough that they don’t see their hard work to completion. What a disaster!

There’s a story from Napoleon Hill’s book about “Three feet from gold” There was this guy who went digging for gold. He has faith that this will bring him wealth. He got together some money to buy machinery to do the work. It did look good in the beginning but as weeks went by, it seems that the vein of gold ore is disappearing. They drilled and drilled and drilled. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find anymore. In the beginning, he had faith he would acquire gold through this project but at this point he didn’t have the patience to drill some more. So he sold the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars.

The story didn’t end there though. This junk man contacted a mining engineer and did some calculating. Apparently, where they dug was just 3 feet away from the gold! This man gave up when he was ONLY three feet away from Gold. So yes, the after all his hard work, the junk man got the reward!

Uck. How painful can that be?

In your pursuit of success, make sure you have Faith in what you’re doing and patience to see all your hard work pay off.

Don’t give up!

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