The Freelancer Fair 2018 Review

It was the FIRST time ever that I got to attend an event such as this. I have been wanting to go and join these conventions and workshops but never had the luxury of time and the finances won’t actually allow me to take advantage of these kind of events. But, by the grace of God, I was able to go to this event through the kindness of Manila Workshops and The Fulfilled Women’s Founder, Viviene Bigornia — whom I met FIRST time in the event. I got to know her because I just recently joined The Fulfilled Women Community on Facebook.

I came from my shift as a Healthcare Virtual Assistant of an Orthopedic Practice based in Texas. So all I had were but a few winks. It was a good thing my buddy Sis Ellie Tablada – (FIRST time meeting her too!) was also coming as we both hail from Bacoor Cavite, so I was awake the whole trip.

I was jittery and excited as I was on my first date, first job interview and first ever job. You see this is a FIRST! I have been a freelancer for 5 years on and off. I am a trained Medical Transcriptionist and have done a few stints on Odesk now Upwork, but my real passion is to have my own food business. I have tried my hand on selling packed lunches which I used to bring to work when I was still in the BPO industry. I would also sell pastries like brownies and putopao in between the packed lunches. However, I just cannot sustain it as I was having difficulties keeping up with managing the finances. I had the passion and the idea, but I was uneducated. I don’t know how to properly price my product, I don’t know how to better package them and more importantly how to market them outside the confines of my circle of friends and neighbors. Yes, I can sell but only to those I know. I feel uncomfortable offering my product to strangers for fear of rejection.

Fast forward to today after attending the Freelancer Fair:
1.) I realized that business is always a risk and you can never grow you business unless you come out of your comfort zone.
2.) All of us freelancers/entrepreneurs alike have experienced roadblocks along the way and it was up to us if we either stop in front of it, run away from it or face it and jump over it.
3.) It is always about taking that BIG LEAP OF FAITH.
4.) If you don’t trust your BRAND and your PRODUCT, how else can others trust it as well.
5.) Educate yourself, there is a vast ocean of knowledge out there, dive in.
6.) Level up, innovate, grow and evolve. Its is not enough that you just settle for what you already know and what you already have.
7.) LASTLY, but most importantly, never ever let go of your dreams… who says a 41 year old woman like me can no longer dream and actually achieve it?

Thank you MANILA WORKSHOPS TEAM! Thanks for continuously empowering people and reminding them that they can change their circumstances and they can be better versions of themselves.

Thank you speakers. ALL of you have touched me in a way I can never ever put into writing. You have all inspired me and motivated me and literally jumpstarted my passion and my dream that I have tucked somewhere in me.

Thank you Sis Viv. We have not done our one on one yet, but the positivity and passion flowing in you is just so contagious.

And to my Sis Ellie…I know our partnership had just started but will continue on for many years to come!

Sharon Sablon – Maya
Love at First Bite

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