Tired and too sleepy and my mind is still up for something. I’ve been sleepless for more than 24hrs since I just came from work before going to The Freelancer Fair by Manila Workshops.

It was my first time to attend The Freelancer Fair and it was so overwhelming. It feels great to be surrounded by different individuals with the same heart and passion. All the topics that has been taught are very powerful. It’s true that as individuals, we should grow and evolve. We need to get out of our nutshell and explore more things. Being a freelancer means endless possibilities and learning. Through the event, I’m convinced now that I should start taking some action to transition from being in a corporate world to freelancing.

With this, I would like to give my BIGGEST THANKS to Viviene Bigornia and Sharon Sablon-Maya and of course to Manila Workshop, The Freelancer Fair Team and to the rest of the people behind the very successful event. Kudos to all of you!

It’s time to be free!


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