A couple of weeks ago, I saw on my Facebook feed a question about starting a business.

I want to start a business. Any business idea?

I looked at her question for a while (I honestly don’t know how to answer that in one sentence) then headed on to the comments. Some of them said, MLM, food cart business, and many more ideas which are I think legitimate. I feel that there is money in ANY business. Whatever you do, there is always a potential to that business.

I wanted to give a quick answer and join in the conversation but like I said, I did not have a one liner answer to her question. So here, I am just going to create a blog post and hopefully this will give her and you reading this some clarity on starting a business.

There is only one question I would like to throw back.

What is your strength?

I think starting a business boils down to your strength. I know people start a business because they want to make a living. You want to make a profit. BUT it is never just about the money. It has to come from the gifts that God had blessed you with.

Are you good in baking? Maybe you can try starting a bakeshop?
Are you good in graphics? Maybe you can start a graphic design business.
Are you good at sports? Start by doing one on one coaching and eventually as you build your name you can start hiring and training coaches to expand your reach.
Are you good at cooking? Try making a signature dish and selling it to friends and family.

The business world is huge. But you got to start somewhere. And your strengths, that is where you start.

I’d love you hear from you! What is your strength?

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