Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

There is so much buzz in becoming an entrepreneur. All of a sudden, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. All of a sudden there are hundreds of courses and events that help people who want to put up a business. I can’t blame them because entrepreneurship sells freedom and it does look glamorous.

Entrepreneurs can go to work late or early. They can skip work today and play golf if they choose to.
Entrepreneurs have no income ceiling. They can earn as much as they choose to.
Entrepreneurs have a good life in general!!!

While that is true, you have to understand that…
-If you are not willing to put in the hours..
-If you are not willing to sacrifice sleep…
-If you are not willing to face failure…
-If you are not willing to work hard, harder than anyone in your team..


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Many people don’t realize that before those successful entrepreneurs make it to the top, they hustled. They failed. They were rejected. They were crushed. They didn’t get to the top unscathed.

So, should you be an entrepreneur? It’s up to you. Maybe it’s in your make up. Maybe you were cut out to be an entrepreneur. Maybe you were born with strong resilience. If you have the characteristics of an entrepreneur, why not!

But if you aren’t and you are not willing to make some sacrifices. Well, I’m sorry. The real path to entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as you think!

(I am not discouraging you to be an entrepreneur. I am just saying, never come to this battle thinking you won’t get scratches, scars or big wounds. You will have your fair share of sword fight with challenges on a daily basis. Unless you are ok with that, don’t think about entrepreneurship.)

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! 

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