From Depressed to Determined

Do you feel powerless in achieving your goals? You know you should be somewhere better doing something you are called to do but you don’t know where to start. You just lack the motivation to pursue your dreams. This book is for you. It’s time to thrive and have personal success. Find out the exact 6 steps I did that moved me from depressed to determined!

I was living my dream life. Doesn’t every mom want to be a stay at home mom? I get to care for my daughter 24/7. I get to play with her anytime of the day. Actually, every single hour of each day. Life was absolutely perfect. Well… this was farthest from the truth. I was miserable. I was helpless. You would constantly find me in one corner of our house crying. The demands of motherhood frustrated me. This wasn’t the life I wanted to live. As a result, I lived most days of 2015 in depression.

But I was determined to get past this stage and live a fuller life. And I did!

I shared in my book, Goal Achievement: 6 Step Guide To Thrive And Have Personal Success, my journey on being a first time mom and a businesswoman at the same time, the struggles I went through and how I managed to get out of depression and got back on my feet. It didn’t happen overnight. It took months of renewal but it can be done. And you too can have a more meaningful life, live the life to the fullest and be the person God wants you to be. Find out the exact 6 steps I did that moved me from depressed to determined!  It’s time to tick off your goals. Start today!


Viviene writes in a conversational and positive tone. It felt like I had my own life coach. I appreciated how she was very generous in sharing parts of her life. And if she can go through it, I know I can too.

The book is best used as a tool, so one must be committed to do the action items in order to experience its effect. I recommend this book to two types of people:

(1) those who are feeling lost like me. It was very inspiring to read about Viviene’s journey, and I hope you get inspired reading it too;

(2) and in case you don’t feel lost, I still recommend that you read this book. It has tools that will help you make the most out of your life. It’s a quick and light read, and I hope you become as motivated as I did.

It is a highly relatable book and you’ll find someone who actually understands what you are going through because she has been there. Just a few pages in the book, I pictured myself in Viviene’s stories. I would nod and grin while reading because I felt her frustrations and struggles as I was in the same position. I highly recommend everyone to read it and have the direction you have been wanting.

This book has been life-changing for me! It made me realize that there’s more to life than what I’ve settled with. Since then I started a quest to find out the unique strengths and skills that God created me with and how He intends me to use them. It has been an exciting journey ever since!

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Motherhood shouldn’t stop us from dreaming.. But dreaming doesn’t mean we have to forget about our family and pursue our own wants and passions. This book inspired me to get the pen, list my goals and dream on again. If you lack motivation, if you are in that season of questioning your path or your goals, this book is a must-read!

What I like about this book is that the author talked from her personal experience. As I read it, I could see myself. I could relate. I believe that every woman who maybe walking on the same path will realize she’s not alone, that there’s someone who had been there and was able to overcome. All a person needs is determination to be able to do them. There is also a quotable quote at the end of every chapter which I also like. For me, it summarizes the idea and thought of that chapter.

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