Even as a High School student, I knew I wanted to be an author and a Motivational Speaker. I knew from the very beginning it is what God meant for me. So when I close my eyes and imagine my future, I see myself book signing or speaking at a conference. Of course I wanted to succeed.

Then in 2004, I did something bold. I created a Vision Board and shared it to my friends. It included my dream of becoming a writer and a speaker. They were very supportive and gave me encouragement that they do see myself becoming one.

A few years after that, I made that Vision Board public by sharing it on my Facebook profile.

What was I thinking?
What did I just tell the world?
What if it won’t happen?
They would see me as a failure! I don’t want that!

These thoughts are normal. But these thoughts should not paralyze you to keep dreaming. When you dream and share it to others, something happens. At first it gets really scary and all those self limiting beliefs start to fire non stop. But also, it releases a certain energy that propels you to want to achieve it even more.

Yes, it can be scary to verbalize that dream and share it to others but it also gives God the honor when that finally comes true. Because if you are certain that those dreams and desires are from God, then you should trust that He will help you achieve them.

Now here’s what happened a few more years after that, I self-published 2 books and have been invited to speak in a few seminars. In fact, I just spoke at church a couple of weekends ago. Don’t be scared to dream. Moreso, don’t be scared to share your vision for your life to others. Trust that God gave you that dream, He will get you to the finish line.

What is your dream? If you really want to succeed, share it in the comments section below?!

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