You’ll be surprised with what I am going to tell you. All my life I have been a bookworm. Even with my 2 yo, I instill reading as part of our daily routine. We read in the morning, before nap and before bedtime. She’s even the one asking most times if we could read whenever I would forget.

Now here’s the thing. Is reading TOO MUCH bad for you?

Well, yes.

Opppsss before you judge me, hear me out first. Please give me a chance to explain.

Reading is an absolutely great tool to gain wisdom. It is your pathway to knowledge. And we all agree to that. However to some extend, it becomes just that. Stock knowledge that you never use.

Most times we go from one book to another whether that is a novel or self-help or whatever genre without either reflecting on what we have learned or practicing what we have read.

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That is the missing element. After reading, you must see to it that you allow yourself some time for reflection and see how you can improve your life (or life choices) thru what you have read.

One of my friends said he learned that the best practice in reading is to pause after each book chapter and reflect on it before moving on to the next chapter. This way, you aren’t just scanning thru the ideas, you are allowing your learning to make your life better.

Another way you can maximize reading is by taking down notes. I am a notebook addict as much as I am a book addict. I always write about the things I learn from the books I read.

Lastly, share your new found knowledge. This way, the lessons retain more in your brain. This is why teachers become experts because they keep sharing and sharing. The more you teach, the more you become an expert.

So……… are you reading too much??

Why not follow some of my suggestions above and let’s see how this can help your learning process better.

What book are you reading right now?

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