I had one of the most exhausting week last week. It started on Sunday night when my daughter started to have high fever. It was a weeklong battle of being in and out of the Emergency Room. She had high fever, followed by a drop in her platelets and then rashes all over her body. I spent almost the whole day crying on Thursday (along with her) because I was totally exhausted! I was totally losing it. I hadn’t had a decent sleep for a week and I was about to burst. I folded clothes, washed the dishes, hang out our clothes at 2am so that I could care for her in the morning without the interruption of household chores. Sleepless nights + sick toddler + unending household chores. I tell you, it’s insane.

Well, that same week I also had a goal of finishing an Online Certification Program I had signed up for many months ago. It had been sitting on my computer for a whole 5 months untouched and I told myself that I will finish it up last week. And then all those sleepless nights and almost everyday trip to the ER happened.

Well, guess what? In spite of that, I still managed to finish the course. That was because I set my mind to it. Before I sleep at night, I would watch the video for a few minutes. When my daughter sleeps, I get to concentrate on the lesson. When she is busy watching Peppa Pig, I dig into the course material. I did not waste a single minute. I was 2 days late of my schedule but I still managed to cross the finish line.

The only way you can reach a goal is to set your mind to it. No matter what happens, you will finish it. Isn’t it like that at work? When your boss says, do it until Friday. You actually do it until Friday even if you feel like you can’t. In fact, you will go overtime just to finish it. The thing is, when you are your own boss, you have the tendency to tell yourself. I can just do that tomorrow, or next week or probably next month when my schedule isn’t full. It takes massive discipline if you want to be successful. It takes being laser focused if you want to be your own boss.

If you want to reach a certain goal, you got to set your mind to it. No matter what happens, do it!

What is your goal this week? Are you close to achieving it?

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