Some people were born to be employed. They simply do not want the risks and headaches of starting a business. They would rather stay in a stable company and get a decent paycheck month after month. Nothing wrong with that. As they say, “To each his own.” But for the selected few (like me!), I can’t bear an 8 to 5 job. I want more freedom and flexibility. And because I had been itching to be in business, I started venturing into entrepreneurship even before I retired from work.

The question still remains though. When is the perfect time for you to resign? Because being in business is a risk and a huge roller coaster ride, you need to be able to put everything in place before setting that meeting with your boss and handing your goodbye letter.

  1. Is my pocket ready? As I have said again and again, freedom from employment has pros and cons and one of the cons being, you will not have the stability of getting the same paycheck month after month. Rarely do a start up business take off so fast your ROI is back swiftly. Usually, it takes loads of headache and loads of cash out. So make sure you have enough cash to get you by on a daily basis, for emergency and to sustain your business. How much you need saved up will depend on how much your expenses are. I suggest you write that down and while you are still employed, keep those expenses to the minimum and stay that way.

  1. Is my mind ready? I used to think it was going to be an easy route because being in business was something I have set my heart and mind to at an early age. Well, no! It has been a difficult journey but don’t worry it is well worth it. Here’s the thing. You need the right mindset and the right strategy in order to succeed. Right mindset will get you through tough times. Right strategy will get you to the top. As early as now, listen to podcasts, read books and attend seminars about business. This will help you clarify the next step you will take.

This Saturday, there will be a workshop that will take you through what you need to know in order to set up your business. Let’s Get Down To Business will:

*Help you clarify your life objectives and dreams
*Assist you in making your creative passion income-generating
*Help you set up a lifestyle that isn’t bound by time or location
*Teach you the concrete steps you need to do in order to get your business started

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As I have said, it is very important to be ready. I hope these questions stirred your mind enough to make sure you are taking the right steps before you say your final adieu to your boss.

Do you think you are ready to take that leap of faith?
Any other tips?

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