Are you ready to pursue your passion full time?

One of the scariest time of our life was when my husband submitted his resignation form to his boss. That meant we will rely solely on both our businesses. And I honestly thought it wasn’t the right time for us yet. But then looking back, that incident stretched us in ways we could have imagined. It made us give more, do more and just be more! And well, we won’t have it any other way.

Maybe you are also thinking of handing that resignation letter to your boss and want to be your own boss. I know the feeling! And to be honest, you need a huge cheering squad behind you to support you in that decision. I’d love to be one of them. So here’s my little list of resources that can help you in your transition.

Two Myths Every Entrepreneur Should Know
Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and many more
How to Earn Far More Than You Are Earning
Are you at the Crossroad for so long?
What to do if you Hate Your Work?
Questions to Ask Before You Resign
I want to Start a Business. Any Business Idea?
Do Dreams Really Come True?
What Does The Bible Say About Success?

I hope these are helpful for you!

I also got a worksheet that might just help you clarify your thoughts. Give it a look because I am sure this would help

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