Promote your business for free and avoid costly overhead expense because of advertising.

1. Use your products. One of the most obvious but probably neglected technique is to actually showcase your product. If you own a clothing line, make sure you wear them often if not always. You should be an ambassador of your own products. When someone asks you what you do, you simply tell them, I manufacture these cute shirts or dresses etc.

2. Flaunt the results. If yours is a service based business, make sure it is noticeable in you. Back when we were still part of a networking business, I was able to sell a good number of weight loss products because I myself was a testament of how effective the product was. People kept asking me how I lost weight and they were instant clients.

3. Promote on Facebook groups. Clients nowadays are found hanging out online. And a good majority of them hang out on Facebook. Being part of a Facebook group that is related to your business will absolutely lead you to your next client.

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4. Give out your calling cards. My husband is notorious in giving away his calling cards. He gave his calling card to a photographer at an event and a week later, my husband got a phone call from this guy and hired him as a drone pilot. He has become a consistent client ever since. When I gave birth, I have a few friends who came to visit the hospital and before they left, my husband handed them his calling card. I didn’t realize one of them is working at a huge TV network which could be a potential client for my husband. You see, you’ll never know who you will meet so just give your calling cards away.

5. Talk to people about your business. On the plane. On the train. Everywhere. You don’t want to be a door to door salesman with hard sell strategy. Be genuine and sociable. Who knows, your next big client might just be seated next to you.

6. Update your FB profile. I talk more about that here. Make sure it is evident on your Facebook profile what your business is all about.

Do you promote your business for free or do you pay for advertising?
Which of these strategies are you already implementing?

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