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Hi, I’m Viviene Bigornia and I’m a Certified Life Purpose Coach and #lifegoals Mentor. I help women who are feeling stuck and directionless to identify God’s calling in their lives and encourage them to pursue it. I also help women define, clarify and achieve their goals in life.

In 2014, my husband and I had been blessed with the most amazing gift – an adorable daughter. Although it was something we didn’t plan at that moment (even after being married for 4 years), we were delighted to the new addition to our family. However, 3 months down the road, sleepless nights, endless cries of an infant, chaotic household, business hiatus, and the overall feeling of being purposeless and directionless in life led me to becoming depressed. My body had slowly lost its balance. I saw myself checking in with different doctors with different concerns – all due to stress. There was a couple of times when I suddenly fell off and couldn’t walk because my knee wouldn’t help me move. I developed a heart problem and many more! This sure wasn’t the kind of mom life I had imagined to have.

I slowly harbored anger towards God. I honestly felt like God had forgotten me, like He really didn’t care. But that’s farthest from the truth. Even when I turned my back on Him, He was still there waiting for my return. After many months of serious struggle spiritually, emotionally and physically, I surrendered. I knew I had to get it right with God before I could move forward. True to God’s Word, “Draw near to Him and He will draw near” (James 4:8). God and I have slowly rebuilt our relationship and our reconciliation went full swing.

One day, I just prayed. “Lord, please give me a dream. I want to wake up happy and excited again. I know I have a purpose. Show me, Lord.” God didn’t answer this all at once. It was more of a slow and steady process. I spent a lot of my time reading books, watching motivational videos, trying to figure out my goals and strengths. Then, something happened. I started feeling excited again. I found myself writing my 2nd book (Goal Achievement: A 6 Step Guide to Thrive and have Personal Success). Many women have sent me messages about how this book had given them hope and encouragement. This was it. I want to help women break free from their own prison cell just like the life I felt I had.

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I know many of you are feeling stuck wondering if you were ever born with purpose, wondering how you will ever find it. Let me tell you this, God didn’t create you out of fun. You are created for a purpose. God made you uniquely. Now that I am on the other side of the fence, I am here to help you uncover your calling and have the courage to pursue it just like I did. Yes, there is a way out! You don’t have to be feeling stuck for the rest of your life! It’s time you live the Fulfilled Life God designed you to have.

If my story resonates with you, do feel free to send me a message. Let’s connect! You can find me on Facebook, YouTube or join our community here.

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