I was privileged enough to have attended last April a business seminar (Let’s Get Down to Business) and I was introduced to one of their sponsors, Paper Blush. It was love at first sight! Theirs was one of my most precious take home during the event. And today, another privilege for me as I had the chance to interview the owner, Ms Mae Chua, and learn first hand her Passion to Profit story.


Tell us how your passion started. What made you decide to take that passion into the next level by turning it into a business?

I knew I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I was waiting for the right product or idea to start my business. At the height of Pinterest, I became fond of looking through different craft projects via Pinterest, specifically washi tapes. And I thought why not bring them in the Philippines? If I’m in love with them so will other girls be.

What was it like in the beginning stages of your business?

You’d doubt yourself because you’re shelling out money that you worked hard for. But I think it’s normal for anyone to be scared about taking risks. After purchasing your inventory, the best thing about the business is that you don’t feel like it’s work at all, because it’s something that I liked or loved doing. Instagram was starting to get popular and it greatly helped us in promoting our products online especially that they’re eye candies. Starting a business was easy, but maintaining it was the challenge. You need to constantly innovate to sustain and improve.

Any tips for people who also want to turn their passion to profit?

There’s never a perfect time to start something, so start as soon as possible. Starting doesn’t mean leaving your career or quitting your job entirely and right away. Keep your job so you can fund your business, until it’s big enough that you have to quit and manage your business full time. Also, just because you are doing something you love doesn’t mean it won’t take hard work. There are other aspects of the business that you need to develop your skills on. I am good with the creative aspect of my business but I struggle with operations and logistics, and most of the time your bottom line is affected with excellent operations. Lastly, you have to keep yourself well rounded. Never stop learning from both people and experiences you encounter.

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What an inspiring journey of passion to profit! Have you been wanting to turn that passion into a business? Well, stop daydreaming and start taking action. Join the next batch of aspiring entrepreneurs in the 4th run of Let’s Get Down to Business on July 8. You can find more info here.

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