God had given us special talents and abilities. Much like the Parable of the Talents, He endowed us with gifts that we are meant to utilize. We are not supposed to bury them on the ground like one of them did. (Although in that story, it was money, I believe it was the same principle with the skill sets God had gifted us with.)

For the next few posts, I will be sharing with you some inspiring stories of women who chose to follow God’s leading in fueling their passion. I’m sure you will be inspired!


Before I found my passion, I was simply trying to pay the rent. I was doing anything just because I was good at it. (Well you know, “anything” within reason. lol) But I was miserable much of the time. Even while being an entrepreneur, I found myself saying yes to every potential client because I couldn’t pass up the money, even when I knew that person and I weren’t a good fit for each other. Then I would spend the next 2 or 3 months being miserable and gritting my teeth to get through the project without losing my mind. And that made me just want to quit. Finally I realized that I would never be where I should be, where God wanted me to be, if I was just following the money and nothing else. I decided I wouldn’t do those projects that made me miserable. My coach was walking me through some stuff and asked me why I built this business in the first place…thinking I needed to get back to those basics.

I did a lot of thinking about what I’ve always felt drawn back to. The problem was I always got told following my passion was a bad idea because “there was no money in it.” But I sure won’t get past the poverty mentality as long as I’m continuing to follow the money. I have to follow my passion, and let God worry about the rest. So I’ve just launched my podcast for work at home moms, with plans for building some kind of coaching business in the future. And its crazy, because I’ve always been so scared to talk to people, to interview people, and all that. But THIS fits! Once I got past the jitters of the first few interviews, it just feels like its what I was supposed to be doing all along. Talking to people and helping people. And that’s saying alot for my introverted socially-anxious self!!

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Kim Scott is the founder and host of the Work At Home Mom Podcast, and a virtual project launch specialist providing web design, landing page design, email marketing and project management to business and life coaches. Kim is mom to 5 sons, ranging in age from elementary to mid-20s, and grandma to 2 toddlers. She enjoys serving in part-time ministry to the needy and serves on the board of a small faith-based disaster relief organization. She makes her home in Pittsburg, KS with her husband, youngest son and 2 fur babies.

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If people telling you, “there’s no money in it” is what stops you from pursuing your passion, then I hope this inspires you. Like what Kim said, don’t merely follow the money. Follow your passion and let God take care of the rest. And if at this point you are still confused with what your real passion is, then don’t miss this Online Course: Find And Pursue Your Passion. Join our giveaway and get the chance to get this course for FREE! More details HERE.


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