I’m so excited to share with you an interview I had just a few hours ago! I interviewed the Managing Director of Event Singers PH. She shared about the season in her life when she felt confused and directionless. Yes, quarter life crisis. Let me tell you a little background. She is a total achiever. She was one of the Most Outstanding Students of Muntinlupa during her high school days. She graduated Valedictorian in High School, a consistent Dean’s Lister in College and was a Cum Laude when she graduated in UST (University of Santo Tomas).

After graduation, she worked at an Ad Agency and later on worked in a well-known plastic company in the Philippines as Sales and Marketing Supervisor. She has a great career, great experience but felt like something was missing in her life. That’s when it hit her… This must be what they call “quarter life crisis”.

In this interview, she shared:
*What quarter life crisis is (she said this is a “crisis during quarter life” lol) and her own story of dealing with it,
*How she overcame it (what she initially did and what she should have done first)
*The book that gave her the courage to pursue her dream
(And I also shared about what I think when people think there is no money in this or that industry. Hint: Those are just excuses!)

Her story is very special to me because I had witnessed her transition from Confusion to Clarity. And I just love her courage and humility in surrendering her all in all to Jesus.

Watch our interview here…

PS: I said it would just be a short interview but this is about 17 minutes long. I’m sure it is going to be worth your time. =) Don’t forget to share this with your friends who are also experiencing quarter life crisis!

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Event Singers PH
Website: www.eventsingersph.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eventsingersph/
0925-720-8609 | [email protected]
*They are also on YouTube and Sound Cloud

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