Fear has always been my biggest enemy. I fear rejection. I fear failure. I fear not measuring up. Because of my fears, I had a hard time accomplishing my goals. I made sure everything was in place before I take action. This delayed my progress. Or most times, it stopped me from accomplishing goals altogether. That was my story until…

I created deadlines.

When I created my ecourse last year, I had MANY excuses why I couldn’t launch it yet. Maybe October. Maybe December. Maybe early 2017. Or maybe after I give birth. But one day, I decided. I will open enrollment on April 28. I announced it on my blog and Facebook. And truth be told, I started to panic. Haha.. But you know what happened? I did launch it that date and I finished everything on the backend before the launch. That is the power of deadlines. It makes you hustle on purpose and not wallow in excuses.

I announced I will conduct a webinar at a certain date. And guess what, I don’t even have the material yet. I just created the deadline and made my way through it.

This June (just a few short weeks before I give birth), I will hold a live workshop on How to turn your Dreams to Reality. Guess what? I don’t have the final title yet, no poster, or a finished material yet. I know what I wanted to teach but it has not been polished yet. So basically, I am not ready! But I am hustling my way through it because I created a deadline. Well, I announced it to my tribe already and there is no turning back. Yeah, no turning back because I just booked the venue!!!

That’s what deadlines can do. It puts you on your feet and makes you more productive with your time and effort. And you know what? It works!! Start accomplishing goals you have set for yourself!

So what have you been procrastinating on? What goals do you need to put a deadline on? 

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