After the intense rain and flooding yesterday, we sealed the night with a great dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Nina’s Kitchen.

While we were eating, a pretty lady with an apron passed by. In a split second, I recognized her face — it’s Chef Nina!! I candidly asked if we could take a photo with her and went even further and asked if I could interview her. Well, she said yes to both!

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Finding Her Real Passion
She has pretty much a diverse background, having graduated with a Marketing and Sales Degree and working as a Flight Attendant among the others. How did she find her way in becoming a chef? While she was at Qatar, she would cook for her friends and they would always tell her how good she was at it. And eventually, she took those compliments to heart and enrolled at a culinary school in the Philippines. Later on, she also went to a prestigious culinary school in France, Le Cordon Bleu, to enhance her skills even more.

First Attempt
Before she conceptualized this restaurant, she ran another one together with 9 other friends. It didn’t click the way they imagined. But although it didn’t have a happy ending (the restaurant is now closed), she learned valuable lessons from the experience which is the reason why Nina’s Kitchen is even better in many aspects.

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Advice for Start Up Entrepreneurs
I asked her if she ever felt scared opening a restaurant for the 2nd time and this time on her own. That must be pretty scary! And yes indeed. Business is a gamble. You don’t know if it will be a success or another failure. Lakasan lang ng loob.

I wish we could have her sit down with us longer but it would be too much! So we said thank you and moved on with our dinner.

If you ever pass by the South, you should try out Nina’s Kitchen.

Nina’s Kitchen
Lot 32 Blk 8 Silmer Village,
San Francisco, Binan City
0915 649 3952

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