This is really long and embarrassing but totally funny and worth reading..

Apart from being an Event Host and a Speaker, I have a secret career. Haha..

I saw an ad looking for talents for a digital ad. I applied immediately because I saw one that might be a good fit for me – mom role. I am pretty comfortable with being a mom on cam because I am one in real life.

About 3 days after I sent my set card and portfolio to the agency, I received a message from them that I was short listed and was invited to come in for the audition! I was elated! Before the audition, I checked the message again and to my surprise, I wasn’t given the mom role. Katulong na role yung binigay sakin. My husband and I both laughed at how my fate played prank with me. OK lang, I said to myself.

I went to the audition and to my surprise…. Yung katulong baliw pala!! LOL I swear I wanted to go back home and just pretend I didn’t see their text message. But because I’m professional like that I stayed and did my best (which was practically being my genuine self — baliw hahaha)

Guess what.. After 3 days, I received another  message from them.

I got the role!

They gave me the details of the shoot, etc.

Fast forward to the day of the shoot, the producer almost froze when she saw me. She tried to hide it but she and the assistant director were both looking stressed. After a while, the producer came to me and explained to me that they made a mistake and that I was not the one chosen for the role. (Parang telenobela lang no?)

I don’t know how you’d feel when you woke up 2am to get ready and be on the location at 5am en punto ready to film only to find out that they made a mistake. (It was really an honest mistake and no grudge at all.)

If I were the Viviene I used to be, I would have felt so humiliated and probably cry while the producer talked to me. But I was totally fine because I’ve learned that…

Failures, mistakes and challenges are all part of life.

I shared with you that story because (it’s a super classic story I would probably tell my grandchildren in the future) when we try to reach for our goals, we will experience setbacks, problems and shortcomings of every kind. But if we are focused on our goal, none of what happens to us will stop us from pursuing it.

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