Member Spotlight is a day we give the limelight to one of our members so she can inspire us to pursue our dreams! Today’s feature is Kaye Teopiz – Ang of Mamacademy PH.

What is your business/career about?

Mamacademy PH is a Learning Events / Workshop Organizer for young mothers, to-be ones, wives, and parents.

What decided you to pursue this business/career?

As a first-time mom myself and someone who continuously desires for new things to learn and meet people, I felt at some point that being at home and having a baby always in tow kind of limited me from getting myself out there. I realized that the learning opportunities for mothers like me who cannot afford to leave my baby behind at home are not much. Like anyone else going through a new season in their life, Moms like us need to continuously learn too and get social interactions that would spark creativity and allow us to pursue our passion beyond our hats as mothers and wives. And so Mamacademy PH happened by God’s grace.

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What were some challenges you encountered when you were starting out and how did you overcome it?

My own fears and doubts were my biggest enemy then. To overthink of an idea and have negative assumptions as to whether or not your idea would fly. At the end of the day, you can obsess thinking about it but I highly doubt it would allow you to move closer to implementing your idea.

Surrendering everything to God in prayer – the ideas, fears, doubts, lack of resources, and everything else was all I had to do.

Was it worth it pursuing your dream?

I’d give it a big YES!

What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid to be bold in asking God for His leading, wisdom, and direction for you in terms of your desire to build a business. I remember praying the same prayer in 2014 when I jumped out of my corporate career. It was a fervent prayer asking God to give me something to work my hands into – I didn’t have the slightest idea what would that be. Whether it’s a corporate work or a business. But the desire to start something was clear and strong. And I just had to honestly pour out my desire to God. The answers didn’t come right off the bat and instantly, but when and how Mamacademy came to be – I knew it was God who was behind it all along. His answer to my prayers some years back.

What is your favorite Bible verse?

My favorite bible verse as an entrepreneur, something that I always go back to and remind myself with when I feel discouraged or weak to keep going, is…

Psalm 121:2 – The Lord is my Helper; the Maker of heaven and earth.

If God himself who made the vast heaven and earth, perfected it, and created it full well, then I’m certain He is fully able to help me and my concerns, that is incomparable to His mighty works.

Is there anyone you look up to?

I have always admired the Proverbs 31 woman. For how she is able to carry out well her varied roles as a wife, business woman, household manager, and many others. She does not live idly nor work too much to the point of neglecting her first priorities. Above all, she does her work with all reverence to the Lord who well establishes her ways.

Thank you so much Kaye for sharing your inspiring story!!

If you have stories to share, please send us a message. We’d love to feature you!

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