Beautify Premium is a skin care online store.

Today, I’d like to place the spotlight on one of our members, Catt Perez. She is the woman behind the brand, Beautify Premium. Want to know more about this innovative brand? I’ll let her do the sharing…

What is your business/career about?
Beautify Premium is a beauty and skin care online store that carries a wide range of Asian and soon local brands. Mostly, we offer samplers, minis and trial kits.

Aside from individual products, we also offer a subscription bundle called a BP Bag. It is a subscription plan where you get a curated bundle of skincare and beauty product samplers and trial kits based on your beauty profile.

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How did you come up with the idea?
Because we all have different skin types and our needs are unique, one product may work for you but may not be effective for another. Finding the right products that match your needs is a journey full of trial and error. And it’s quite expensive and wasteful for one to buy a full sized product and not get the results you expected. Or worse, get allergic reactions because it does not match your skin. The goal of the BP Bag is to help people find the right products or discover new ones that will possibly match their needs.

What decided you to pursue this business?
To be honest, it was a spur if the moment thing. I went into a slump. I mean I still have an online job but that time, my client wasn’t giving a lot of tasks. One day I was browsing thru Instagram and found a supplier for skincare products. I ordered stuff. Originally, I only wanted to be a reseller. But seeing that there are a lot of competition out there, we had to think of an added service – something that will make us unique. My silent investor – slash – boyfriend was the one who came up with the idea of creating a subscription bundle. And I said, why not?! So we started planning.

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What were some challenges you encountered when you were starting out and how did you overcome it?
There are a LOT. Since I basically just jumped into it, I know I wasn’t prepared enough to start a business. Even if I grew up having a small family sari-sari store, I had no idea how to handle it.

  1. What to sell and where to buy. It was and still is trial and error. Looking for possible products that I can sell and/or include on the subscription and for a reliable and affordable supplier who carries the product is a bit difficult. I mean, there was this instance that I bought a product in bulk and on the following day, I found another seller who carried the same product at almost half the price I bought it for.
  2. Marketing. Since I am quite new in the online market and have a lot of competition, I did not know how to get people to notice my store.
  3. Costing. What’s that? Lol
  4. Content. Right now, people are very visual. I noticed that even if several stores sell the same thing, customers would normally choose the one that is well presented – photos that are attractive, well curated feed etc. The price… it’s most of the time a secondary factor.

Well I can list down a lot and never finish. I am a new and inexperienced entrepreneur so it is expected that I will go through a lot of problems. I don’t think I already overcame the struggles and am fully aware that there is more to come. I am still learning and will continue to learn. I learn through the successes of others and through my failures as well. I know I will fail an awful lot of times more but one thing I learned is that you should not be afraid to fail.

Because failure will open doors to new opportunities.

I do 95% of all things Beautify Premium. When things get overwhelming, I ask my sister and my partner for help. Getting some things off my load allows me to focus on other things.

Since I am a newbie, I also make sure to attend workshops and meetups or read and watch stuff that can help me grow my business and my knowledge. My business may fail (I hope not) but the knowledge and experience I acquired during the process of building this micro business will always be there.

Was it worth it pursuing your dream?
Yes! Success or fail, the things I learned and will learn are priceless.

What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
The best thing I learned in attending business-related workshops is this:

“Do not be afraid to fail.”

It is all part of the process. Without failure you will never know what to change, what to improve on, what to address… without failure you will not learn.

Study. Never stop learning.

Admit that you cannot do everything alone. Get help. Let other people help you. Whether it be for some admin or physical tasks or help in keeping your sanity (just stating the truth here lol)

Surround yourself with like-minded, inspiring, and supportive people.

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Is there anyone you look up to?
My mom. We don’t always get along but I look up to her more than anyone else. I think I got my resilience and strong attitude from her.

What is your favorite verse?
Matthew 6:25-27 “That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life—whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food, and your body more than clothing? Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are? Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?

Thanks Catt for the openness! Love what you shared… More women to beautify!!

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