Unveil the CHAMPION within you
3-Week Group Coaching Program and Mastermind

Maximum Potential is a 3-week Group Coaching Program and Mastermind that guides women to release their inhibitions, fears and limiting beliefs so they can have a fulfilled and breathe-easy life. This program is for women who is ready to let go of anything and everything that lags them behind their dreams and aspirations in life. If you would like to learn how to silence your self doubts and Inner Mean Girl, you have to join this program!

This is for you if:
* You are feeling stuck in life.
* You want to achieve high level of success but you know you need to work on yourself first.
* You have mindset issues (don’t we all?).
* You want to level up your life and finally pursue your dream life.
* You want to honor God by becoming the best version of yourself.

What this program is all about:

Week 1: Mindset Battles (Online Group Coaching)
It’s an excruciating session but also revitalizing. You will get to know yourself like never before. We will talk about your fears, your limiting beliefs and the mindset battles that stops you from stepping forward and becoming who you were meant to be.

Week 2: Battle Armor (Online Group Coaching)
This session is all about preparing yourself for battle. You will be armed with techniques on how to make sure you win every mindset battle that attacks you. It is all about giving yourself the chance to live the life of your dreams like never before.

Week 3: All Girls Lunch Out Session! (In-Person Luncheon and Mastermind Session)
We will dig deeper into your goals. It is a special time where your dreams will not be laughed at but be supported and encouraged. It’s high time you make your dreams come true!

What’s more? You also get ALL THESE with no extra cost!
* FREE Weekly Planner Printable
* FREE Audio Recording (Morning Affirmation)
* FREE eBook Successful Christian Woman, How to Invite More Success in Life


Note: To pay via BPI Bank Transfer, please email [email protected].

I'd love to join but I can't join the In-Person Luncheon as I am overseas. Can I still take part of the coaching program?

Yes, absolutely! We will be having an Online Mastermind instead for those who will not be able to join the in-person luncheon.

I'm interested, but where will the in person luncheon be?

It will either be in Alabang or Makati, depending on where most participants are coming from.

What if I miss one of the sessions?

No problem, it will be recorded anyway so you can still watch them anytime. But of course you will be able to maximize it by joining us live in the group coaching.

When will the program start?

Online sessions will be February 15 and 22 (Friday). Mastermind will be on March 2 (Saturday).

What women are saying about our community, workshops and coaching:


Note: To pay via BPI Bank Transfer, please email [email protected].

Last day of enrollment: February 14, 2019

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