My husband and I attended a business seminar in partnership with Manila Workshop on Saturday at Launchpad Alabang. It was an exciting afternoon listening to different budding entrepreneurs about their business ideas and more exciting to network and connect with everyone.

The speaker, Francis Miranda, had us answer a workbook during the 3 hour seminar and it definitely forced participants to dig deep into our business ideas and how to put them to action.

Since I had already started with my new adventure at The Fulfilled Women last year, answering the first few pages in the workbook was a breeze. I knew exactly what I wanted to create or who my target market was. I did not have a problem with capital because I create digital products and it’s almost zero monetary investment. I did not need an office space because the internet is my office. I had resigned to the fact that being a full time mom, I can only work 2 full hours each workday on my business while my daughter is asleep. I practically had no barrier.

And then we came to the last phase…

The speaker had us write down 5 actionable steps we will do and the deadline next to it. I started palpitating. I was sweating like crazy. This last part had me hanging… It wasn’t the strategy I needed help with. It wasn’t the lack of capital either, not even the lack of know how. What I needed is to TAKE ACTION, to actually move forward.

Here is the backstory:

I had created an ecourse last year for women who are feeling lost and want to find and pursue God’s calling in their lives. I finished filming this in September. I already had the website set up about the same time. I could have launched it the following month. But I didn’t. Because I got scared! Many of my limiting beliefs held me back. But what if it didn’t take off as successfully as I wish it would be? I am not sure I am good enough. And many more! Those thoughts crippled me for months!

On the last page, we had to fill out a chart about our weaknesses, etc. And that’s when it hit me. I need to TAKE ACTION.

I remembered listening to an on air call of a coach mentoring another coach. She said that most times, you can look at other people’s business and pinpoint exactly where they need improvement but you look at your own business and end up puzzled. That is because you can’t use your superpower on yourself. This is exactly what happened to me that afternoon. I tell people I coach the same thing, TAKE ACTION. Nothing happens if you just sit down on the sideline. You got to go out there and lead the game. Well it turns out, I needed someone else to tell me that!

As we went home, I had a renewed hope and some actionable steps to take in the next few days.

And my ecourse: The Roadmap to a Fulfilled Life. Enrollment opens on April 28, Friends! =)

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The Let’s Get Down to Business Seminar has been phenomenal in pushing me to TAKE ACTION. If you had been floating and wondering when you will ever turn that passion to profit, this business seminar will push you to stand up and take control of your future.

There will be a 3rd run this April 29. And if you are still on the other side of the fence watching in silence, it is time to move forward. TAKE ACTION and attend this seminar!

Special thanks to Shootgeeks for all the photos used on this blog post.

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