Impossible is such a huge word. But that’s exactly what it is… it’s just a word! People often misuse and overuse the word impossible. When something is challenging, they say it’s impossible but really it’s just hard! Maybe something is unimaginable, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible and can’t be done. Maybe no one has ever done it, but it doesn’t mean it can really never be done!

In the past, people thought that only birds can fly. It is impossible for humans to fly. But the Wright Brothers never let anyone stop them from proving that we can fly! And what happened, ask your friends and family members, most of them have flown from one country to another, from one state to another.

They said it was impossible to go to the moon. Now you tell me, is it really?

I was reminded of the movie, Soul Surfer. It was a movie inspired by the life of Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm from a shark attack. You know surfing. You need both hands to balance. Losing one arm is almost equal to losing your chance to surf ever again. But not Bethany… She said, “Hard doesn’t mean impossible.” Yes it may be hard to surf again, let alone lead a normal life. But that didn’t and never stop her from pursuing her true passion. She still surfs today.

When you say things are impossible, you are saying it can never happen. How can it not happen if you haven’t tried? How can it not happen if you tried once and quit? How can it not happen if you try 9,999 times and quit? Thomas Edison had failed 10,000 times but he still tried, one more time. And he succeeded.

So how to achieve the impossible?
Do it.
Don’t quit.

What dreams have you always tagged as impossible?

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