You will always find yourself going back to your first love.

Before I started my coaching business, I had been to half a dozen other businesses. I also had been in different industries. When I would start a business, I would tell myself, this is it. This is really what I want to do for the rest of my life. But there were tough times ahead and made me question myelf. Am I sure this is what I really wanted? Then I would go and start another business. It just happened again and again.


I asked myself what do I really REALLY want? What am I really passionate about? And I went back to my first love. Speaking and writing.

I knew this was what I wanted since I was young. This was what I placed on my vision board 10 years ago. How could have I allowed myself to go in circles?

You will always go back to your first love. You will get confused. You will try other things but what you are really passionate about will always come back to you.

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The problem is, sometimes people just don’t know their strengths, their passion. That is why I created this Online Course: Find and Pursue your Passion. I share in this course my own journey and the tools you can use to identify your passion. Enrollment opens September 1.

But before the cart opens, I will be giving away 1 slot to one winner!

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