2008 was a year of faith for me. A year before that, for no reason, I just asked God.

“Lord, I want to glorify your name. Ask me to do whatever you want me to do.”

And that was the boldest and scariest prayer I had ever prayed till today!

A few months after that, the Lord began His mission. It started with an invitation to go on a mission trip to Papua New Guinea for 2 months. It was supposed to be with a friend but she ended up applying for Philippine Campus Crusade For Christ instead when she got engaged with a missionary from that organization.

The idea of that mission trip was definitely exciting but more than the excitement, it was totally faith stretching! I needed to raise about $2000 to be able to cover the flight and the 2 month expense. Roughly Php100,000. It was huge for me. But hey I have a Big God, don’t I?

But as I started raising the funds, my excitement dwindled and so was my faith. Raising funds wasn’t my thing.

God, did I hear you right? You really want me to do this?

And every single time I was running out of faith to step forward, He would send an encouragement or a donation for my trip! But then one day, I hit the end of the road. I was supposed to raise 100% of what I needed 2 weeks before the flight but I was well just about 20% at that time.

When I told New Tribes Mission (NTM) that there is no way I could fill in the 80% in 2 weeks, they said, “If you have faith in God, we will have faith in you. Even if you don’t raise the funds until the day of the flight it’s OK. Just go and take care of that when you go back home.”


Lord, you serious? He was. And guess what? I went. And that was one of my most memorable overseas trip ever! God had taught so many things during that time and I won’t trade it for the world!

If God is asking you to take that step of faith, DO IT! You won’t experience true faith until you let go of your fear and trust fully in what God can do.

PS: It took me 1 year to pay off the remaining balance and I don’t really care it took me that long. I was glad I held God’s hand tight thru it all.

Today, step out in faith.
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