Starting a business can be nerve wracking. It’s just downright scary. I remember withdrawing my Pension Plan I have been saving for since college and handing it over to our Franchisor. I don’t exactly know if I was excited or scared. It was probably both. Will our business be a success? What if it fails? I had all sorts of questions in my head but I took the leap anyway. That first business venture didn’t even last 3 months. Although it was a financial failure, it was a business and mental growth for me.

But that was not the end of my entrepreneurial journey. It was just the beginning. 2012 when we came home from Singapore and decided to start a cupcake business. Months rolled by and we realized it wasn’t something we wanted to pursue. Again, we learned so much from our experience.

Maybe your knees are still shaking at the thought of starting your business, but you took the leap anyway! Congratulations for the courage because not everyone will have that moment in their lives. You are courageous.

But let us face it. We need help… in every way we can. And that’s why I put this list of resources for you to read on. I hope these can help you in many ways.

Why Having a Small Capital is Actually a Blessing
Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make Reg Taxes
5 Tools to Make Your Life Easier
Ways to Promote Your Business for Free
Scary But Do This if You Want to Succeed
When Your Faith is Bigger Than Your Fear
Franchising: Yay or Nay?

I hope these are helpful for you!

And here’s some more. Consider it my gift for you (in place of a little pat in the back). Here’s an eBook I specially wrote for you. Business Strategy: 3 Step Process to a Successful Business


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