Wanting to earn far more than you are receiving today?

My friend was ranting on Facebook the other day about the helper she just hired. This should be the 3rd or 4th this year. She works full time so a helper is really needed in her home. One day, she was feeling sick and didn’t go to work. There were some dishes on the sink that she took the liberty of washing. Oh well, her helper didn’t seem to care much that her boss is sick and washing the dishes. My friend without her helper’s assistance took out the trash, fed her baby etc. She ended up not being able to rest! She was so pissed that this helper insisted on getting a higher salary but doesn’t match up to the performance she is doing at home.

Another friend of mine got a jackpot with their helper. She was a good cook, excellent cleaner and best of all very trustworthy. She is that trustworthy that my friend hands her own ATM card and allows the helper to withdraw money from her own bank account! Something not even some spouses do to each other. Fast forward to today, this helper had an opportunity to work abroad not just doubling or tripling her salary but more than tenfold! She earns far more now and has bought a huge lot in their province and I think has a business of her own.

Now I want you to take a look at these two individuals. Both started out as helpers. But not both ended up or will end up in the same path. Obviously, the other one exerted more effort and went beyond her job description without even asking for anything from her boss.

Well, guess what? This is pretty much the same with you as an employee or a business owner. If you want more, then you got to give more. Your recipients expect nothing less.

You look at your performance right now. Do you really deserve more profit from your business? How much time are you actually putting in growing your business? Are you giving superb experience to your clients? Is your expertise enough to be able to charge more?

Far too many people want to get a salary raise but you look at their performance and they perform way below what the paycheck they are receiving. Or a business owner who wants to get more sales for their business but you look at their products or customer service and there is nothing but mediocrity. You can’t demand to a customer what you can’t deliver. If you want premium price, give premium products and better yet, go beyond!

3 Ways to Program your mind for success

If you want to earn far more, go above and beyond. Always over deliver. Give the unexpected. Make clients feel like a superstar. If you are self employed, invest in education and self improvement. Your price tag should match your performance.

What are ways you can boost your sales or performance to earn far more?

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