I was born a dreamer. I imagined myself being so many things as a child. I wanted to become a Writer. I wanted to become a TV Host. I wanted to be a Motivational Speaker. I wanted to be a Beauty Queen. Some of my dreams materialized and some of them didn’t. I believe that dreams come true but it depends on 2 things. It depends on God and You.

  1. Is this dream from God?
  2. Have you made a decision to follow this path towards that dream?

God gave Noah that vision of saving humanity from the massive flood. But that dream will never come to fruition if Noah did not DECIDE to follow God’s command. So many people must have mocked and laughed at him. I mean hello? Flood? Ark? What’s that? There has never been a flood before. So to build an ark is a complete nonsense.

Nope. Not for Noah. He was certain he heard God told him there would be a flood and so he needed to build an ark. And so he did.

All humanity would have been wiped out including Noah and his family if he didn’t obey. You see, it isn’t just about God giving us a dream or vision for our lives. That is just the first part. We also have our part and it  takes full commitment and decision.

Probably God is calling you to do something great or probably something illogical like building an ark. It can be scary! But unless you decide to follow God’s command, you will never find complete fulfillment of your purpose. God created you for a certain purpose. He created you with unique gifts and skills that can be used for His greater glory.

Are you using those gifts?
Have you decided to take that leap of faith and follow God? 

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Do dreams come true? Of course, they do. =)

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