If this is your first time to be in business or first time to legalize your business then watch this interview and take down notes if you will.

Marlyn has been helping business owners with their taxes, documentation and bookkeeping needs for 4 years now. She helped me with mine! Aside from this, she also conducts workshops and consultations. So believe me when I say she knows her game.

In this interview, she shared:

-The most common mistakes of small business owners in terms of taxes and what to do about it.
-How to know what type of taxes you need to file and when to file them
-How to avoid penalty and how much to pay when you miss a deadline
-The difference between Vat and Non Vat Businesses
-How to file taxes from home
-Whether you should or should not file taxes and how can you be exempted
-How much it costs to hire a bookkeeper

We did cover a lot in this interview!I would have to say though that…
* My daughter has a special appearance somewhere in the interview. I know, right? #momlife
* My internet (or hers) was a bit unstable so expect some tech issues during the interview.
So there, at least I warned you!

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