Business Branding will help your business in a huge way.

If you are a professional or running your own business, you know that branding is something you should not neglect. More that the font combination and color palette, branding is more about your entire image or how your customers view you. Branding is very important. It is that important that branding directly affect sales. If you don’t present yourself or your company well enough, your marketing efforts will be directionless.

These are just some of the things I learned from the Personal Branding Workshop I attended with Manila Workshops.

The Speaker, Lexter Ang, gave us a whole lot of insights on how we can better present ourselves to attract the right customers. My favorite part was when we took The Fulfilled Women as an example in one of the activities. He walked us through the process of creating a mission statement in less than 10 minutes! It wasn’t too hard after all. That exercise helped me to uncover what my brand is really all about and gave me confidence in what I do.

Give yourself the chance to discover and create a brand that stands out with the Business Branding Workshop which will be on September 22, 2018 at QBO Innovation Hub, Makati City.

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In this fast-paced, at-your-fingertips digital age, reaching out to people had never been easier, but setting yourself apart had become more of a challenge than anything.

That is why we have come up with the Branding for Business workshop. This will help you understand the principles behind creating a captivating brand that truly speaks to customers and clients.

Learn to develop THE brand for your business, know the various tools and methods to get your story across and how to put it all together.

Join us and learn to build the brand that will deliver and people will remember.



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