The Freelancer Fair 2018 Review

Tired and too sleepy and my mind is still up for something. I’ve been sleepless for more than 24hrs since I just came from work before going to The Freelancer Fair by Manila Workshops. It was my first time to attend The Freelancer Fair and it was so...

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Should you be an Entrepreneur?

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? There is so much buzz in becoming an entrepreneur. All of a sudden, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. All of a sudden there are hundreds of courses and events that help people who want to put up a business. I can’t blame...

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The #1 Trap Of First Time Entrepreneurs (Beware!)

Hello and welcome to the Fulfilled Women. My name is Viviene and I’m a Motivational Speaker and a Certified Life Purpose Coach. Today I want to talk about the #1 trap of first time entrepreneurs. I’m seeing this again and again to many business owners. If...

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