A couple of months ago, I courageously sent an audition video for Food Hero Asia 2016. I say courageously because I wasn’t even planning on auditioning. My dream to become a TV host has long been buried in my past. One day, my husband said, “I think you should audition…I’m sure you’d make it.” I just brushed it off because who am I to audition? I’m too old for TV. I’m not pretty enough. I don’t think I will ever get noticed. And MANY MORE excuses.

A few weeks passed and I keep seeing this ad. Until one day, I decided I WANT THIS. I sent a message to my sister and she graciously gave her time and talent to pull this through. After weeks of brainstorming, filming and editing, I hit the submit button and waited for the result for 2 grueling months.

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No, I didn’t make it.

I sure felt bad I didn’t make it to the top 5. But I was happy that I tried! I felt pretty proud of myself for even trying. How will I ever know if I would make it if I never tried? I sure don’t want to play with what ifs. Trying and failing is always better than not trying and wondering what if. Believe me!


Part of my audition video was an interview with Tita Angie Corpuz. She’s the owner of Taste of Joy, a chain of restaurant who serves super delicious food! I grew up eating their Pancit! This is one good reason why I was so happy I auditioned. I left the interview feeling so inspired! She gave a handful of advice, tips and a lot of encouragement to me and my sister.


In this video, she shared about…
* Her humble beginnings and how she got involved in the food business
* What made Taste of Joy become a household name
* The 3 most important elements to a successful food business
* 4 Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

I hope you get inspired too!

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