It is a common knowledge that everyone is on Facebook! Even my parents have their own Facebook account. People are on the phone for the most parts of the day. Their notification is on and gets immediate access whenever there is something new on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s creation has definitely been part of our lives. Now this is a good thing for business owners like us. It means that for the most part, our market is online – on Facebook. That said, we can use this social media to get clients without spending a cent.

Here’s how:

  1. Edit Bio. This is what first appears centered on your profile before your timeline. Mine looks like this:

I help women find and pursue their calling. Join our community

There are 3 things you can see here: What I do (I help women find and pursue their calling), a call to action (an invitation to join our community) and a link to that community. If you have an opt in, this is a good place to put it as well.

  1. Edit Details. Remove everything else except your job title. No need to show your birthday, who you are married to, your previous work, etc. Just put your job title there and your company.

I have 2 businesses and I promote both so mine look like this:

  1. Do not post about your business all the time! Is it just me or do you also feel irritated when someone posts about the products they sell multiple times a day? What do people usually do with that? UNFOLLOW. At least for my husband and I, that is what we do.

Here’s what you should do instead. Post random BUT interesting things about yourself, about your family, your dog etc. Post quotes, ask questions, ask for recommendations, share links, etc. If your posts create a buzz, it will show up in people’s feeds and that is what we like!

  1. Post what is relevant to your niche. I have an online friend turned BFF and business buddy who is blogging about frugal living. She’s a mom and also a Christian. When you go to her page, you will see all those 3 things on her post: Her faith, being a mom and tips on frugal living.

Now go ahead and edit your Facebook Profile! I hope these tips helped you in some ways =)

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