Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If there is one tip I’d ever give to aspiring entrepreneurs, it would be…. It would be…. really hard to just give one tip to be honest!! So here’s what I did, I asked some ladies to share their tips for aspiring entrepreneurs and here’s what they all said…..

Gemz Rey of Creative Office Solutions and Printing Supply Corporation
Your entrepreneurial journey will not be easy especially if you are transitioning from being employed to self employed. My tips:
*Don’t give up easily when you face the challenges of managing your own business. Always go back to your own WHY.
*Learn from other successful entrepreneurs, learn from your experiences. In running your business, learning will be a continuous process.
*Your most valuable asset will be your people/staff.Take care of them so they too will take care of your business.
*Innovate and be on top of your market. Know and understand your market well.
*Do not mix your personal and business finances.

Kristen Uy Ramos of Be Bizy Business Workbook
It’s important to record your sales, expenses, goal checklist and progress of your business + your wins and things to improve every month

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Being in a business is a big responsibility but it can be fulfilling once you master the art of habit and continuous innovation.

Ellie Tablada
Be involved in a business that you’re passionate about. Pray for God’s guidance and blessing.

Cherrie Ann Balictar
I want to have my own copy writing business someday. For now I think the biggest challenge is where to begin. But I am taking it one step at a time by writing everything down, so at least I have an idea what I need to accomplish first, and the rest will follow. A clear mindset is a key for me.

Jemma Boki
My Top tips for aspiring entrepreneur. All your answer below should be a “big yes or I will definitely make my answer to this a yes”:
1.) Do I have a good reason and intention to doing this business?
2.) Does the world need it (what you will offer)? Will it make a positive and lasting impact?
3.) Are you good at it? If not are you willing to learn?

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Beng Girang of CTG Printz Enterprise
Separate Personal [matters] from Business.

Ivette Salud
Learn by doing.

Mico Sadorra of Soli Deo Events Management
Consult your husband and decide WITH him.

Hannah May Ignacio
Don’t get into a business just because it is easy money or promising big returns. Get into a business that you are passionate about. Know who your are, your strengths, what are you most good at and replicate this to your business.

Lanie de Vera
You should have passion and commitment to what you are doing. Never stop learning take care of your clients by building trust and rapport.

Ethel Salcedo
Value your employees, consider them as like partners in your business.

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Starting a business can be a little scary but we hope that through these tips, you were able to have a little bit of courage in pursuing your dream business.

Any other tips you want to share? Comment them below!

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