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What My Clients Are Saying

Ate Viviene played a big part on my transition from working in the corporate world to using the talent and creativity the Lord has gifted me with by pursuing what I love – designing. She gave me a free coaching session last year to help me set goals and figure out what to do to achieve them. During that session, she also asked me all the important questions which helped me come up with realistic goals. We listed down all my short and long term goals and the things I needed to consider like budget, schedule, etc. and I still have my notes! 🙂 Most importantly, she prayed with and for me as I go about my plans.

Maciel Santos

Creative Director, Graphics Farm Design

“Her book from ‘From Depressed to Determined’ sparked my quest in finding out the unique strengths and skills that God created me with and how He intends me to use them. During the coaching, I realized I didn’t need to find out. I know it ever since I was 4 years old – I can sing! But I had a hard time embracing my talent especially in a culture where having a stable job in a corporate setting is more favored. “Can I make a career out of this?” and “Can this talent pay off bills?” were just some of the hesitations I told Ate Viviene, to which she was able to answer in an encouraging tone and a sense of humor. I’ve never had someone believe so much on me and on what I could do. For the first time, I felt so empowered to the point that the dream I once buried in a sea of hesitations now sounded so achievable. Whether you have a goal you want to achieve or you simply want to make the most of your life and leave a legacy through your God-given uniqueness, you MUST talk to this woman!”

Marchelle Amor

Managing Director, Event Singers PH

Viviene helped me hugely on straightening out my passion project’s direction. Her business and personal insights as a coach and a mom allowed us to go through every coaching session as smooth and productive as possible. I love how I’m able to have found a mom friend / sister in her more than a Goal Achievement Coach. I’m definitely looking forward to meeting her and building further mentor-mentee relationship with her. God bless your work, Viviene! 🙂 You’re a blessing!

Kaye Teopiz-Ang

Mom On Duty, Mamacademy PH

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