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It may seem a bit early to plan for 2018. After all, October just started. Aren’t we supposed to just enjoy Christmas shopping first before we sit down and plan for the coming year? Well, to tell you frankly, the answer to that is no. It is not too early!

We will always have reasons why it is too early to plan. It’s just October. It’s too early. It’s November. I’m still doing some Christmas shopping. It’s December. I’m too busy with parties and family reunions. And then comes January. It’s already January. I think it’s too late!

See the trend? EXCUSES.

Those are mere excuses. There is no better time to plan but now when the business of the holiday season is not yet settling in. So, I am so glad you took time to be here and take control of your life by planning ahead for 2018!



This is a 4 page worksheet that will help you plan your 2018! Make 2018 your best year yet…. It is time to take control!


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