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Are you often dragging yourself out of bed during the week? Often find yourself day dreaming instead of focusing on your work? Do you feel like you are a square peg in a round hole? You knew you could be somewhere doing something else, but you either feel that you don’t have a choice or you just don’t know where to start. There is hope! You can have a more fulfilled life.

I created this ecourse for women like you who feel that you can shine better somewhere else. Your skills, strengths and experiences were designed by God for something great because…YOU ARE MEANT FOR SOMETHING BIG.

In this ecourse you will:
-Learn the foundation and the very first step in finding God’s calling
-Know what is a fulfilled life and how to experience it
-Unearth your past experiences and discover where God is leading you
-Confront your excuses
-Get yourself prepared to transition from where you are to where you should be
-Have the total confidence that YOU CAN DO IT!

It’s about time you find and courageously pursue your calling.

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mash 1Ate Viviene played a big part on my transition from working in the corporate world to using the talent and creativity the Lord has gifted me with by pursuing what I love – designing. She gave me a free coaching session last year to help me set goals and figure out what to do to achieve them. During that session, she also asked me all the important questions which helped me come up with realistic goals. We listed down all my short and long term goals and the things I needed to consider like budget, schedule, etc. and I still have my notes! 🙂 Most importantly, she prayed with and for me as I go about my plans. Now, she wants to help more women like me so she is holding this eCourse entitled “The Roadmap to A Fulfilled Life: Live the Life God Designed You to Have.” This is a course for women who feel confused and directionless. For those who feel like there is something they can offer the world but don’t know where to start. It took us just an hour and my life changed. What more if you take this course? Maciel Santos, Creative Director, Graphics Farm Design

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Session 1: What is a Fulfilled Life? You will learn the one thing you should do to know God’s will in your life, what you have as a child of God, what it means to have a Fulfilled Life.

Stop your confusion and begin a life with no regret.

Session 2: Connecting the Dots You will have more clarity on what your strengths and skills are. You will also remember some experiences in the past that may give you clues on where God is leading you.

Stop trying to fit in and find where you truly belong.

Session 3: Excuses The objective of this session is for you to be ready when you come face to face with hesitations because it will surely come. Know the truth about these 4 excuses you may or may not be verbalizing and learn how to counter it.

Stop making excuses and begin a life of transformation.

Session 4: Reality Check The objective of this session is for you to have a plan on how to move from where you are to where you ought to be. It is NOT going to be easy. There will be people who will not believe in you. There will be moments when you will question your move. BUT there will also be times when you will be in awe of what God will do in your transition. In this session, we will discuss 4 qualities you need in order to have a seamless transition.

Stop being fearful and turn that fear into faith.


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See you on the inside!

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What’s Inside…

The Roadmap To A FulFilled Life, Live The Life God Designed You To Have Ecourse (5 videos) and Printable Workbook.

Access to our Forum: The Fulfilled Women Community (a group of like-minded women who are passionate about God and His calling in their lives)

3 Bonus Ebooks – The Roadmap to a Fulfilled Life, Goal Achievement: A 6 Step Guide to Thrive and have Personal Success, Passive Income: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Money Machine
Free Printable: Weekly Planner Calendar

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