Two Characteristics of Successful People

I am sure there are more than two characteristics of successful people but what I am sharing with you is going to be the foundation of your success. First is Faith. You need to have faith that what God started in you, He will bring about into completion. The bible...

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Passion to Profit Story of Paper Blush

I was privileged enough to have attended last April a business seminar (Let’s Get Down to Business) and I was introduced to one of their sponsors, Paper Blush. It was love at first sight! Theirs was one of my most precious take home during the event. And today,...

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How to earn as a Stay-at-home-mom

I had a great time chatting with Jane Maghanoy (on and off recording) about her life in business and boy did I learn a lot about how to earn as a stay at home mom. Whether you are a stay at home mom or simply want to work at home (to avoid traffic or have more time...

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